Thursday, November 27, 2008

A week later:
I'm no further along with the the green monster...I have yet to cast on.  I keep losing my pattern copy bought online from Interweave Knits (hope that's not a bad omen).  Fortunately I have it saved and can just reprint.  I've also been doing quite a bit of Christmas knitting - more of those Anemone Wristlets I invented and some felting.

On the felting front, there was a gathering at a lovely little sheep farm in East Sooke featuring Guljan and Janyl, two women from the village of Bokonbaevo in Kyrgistan, visiting Canada to talk about their felting techniques.  A group of west coasters facilitate the importation of their production and hold sales across the country to benefit the village which has fallen on very hard times indeed since the fall of the Soviet Union.  

The farmhouse - divine, isn't it?

Young Icelandic sheep

Show and tell:  east meets west

Some of the beautiful felted articles from Bokonbaevo
Several weeks later:
The green monster is coming along wonderfully, despite a long hiatus to knit four (count 'em, FOUR!) pairs of felted clogs for my walking buddies for Christmas.  Our Christmas luncheon is tomorrow and I plan to give them unfelted/unfulled so they can custom fit them and have the fun of seeing them transformed.  Getting back to the sweater, I'm very pleased with how it's going - I have reached the yoke on the body and have one sleeve knitted up to the yoke.  One more sleeve to go and then I can attach them and knit the garter stitch yoke.  I found several photos of the sweater on Jared Flood's blog that show different views of the sweater than on Interweave...even one of the sweater before it was blocked, spread out on the bed in his hotel room in Ireland.  The sweater is named after a pub where he hung out in Dublin.  This sweater is great mindless knitting - I knitted my way through the entire first season of Deadwood and plan the same for season two.  


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