Monday, August 11, 2008

Daisy came home last night and it is good to have her back. I can't stop hugging her and I'm sure she's wondering "What the heck?" She seems the same as ever: waggy tailed and optimistic. She has a little blue bandage around her right forepaw covering her intravenous site...I suppose I should take it off soon. She has bottles of pills and a special diet which she seems to like a lot. It looks and smells a lot more interesting than her usual dry dog food and she's eager for it.

We've had a quiet morning together - me spinning alpaca, her lying next to me in the sun on the bench by the window. It's lovely and peaceful but I would have been on my way to La Belle Provence (Québec) as I write if not for this crisis. No way I could have left with Daisy in this state but I couldn't help but feel a bit forlorn as Harry, who has to go for business, went off in a taxi this morning. There were plans to visit eastern Quebec fibre attractions, spend a week at Lac Meruimticook with Quebeçois friends, and enjoy lively Quebec City including a one night stay at the Chateau Frontenac. Can't blame me for feeling chagrined.

The up side of having to stay home is that I get to enjoy my lovely city of Victoria at pretty much its best. The sun is out, the garden is gorgeous and tonight is spinning group. Since this is pretty much a bonus week, I plan on "wasting" time by pursuing my leisure activities nonstop....spinning, knitting, gardening, reading...yeah! Now if I could just get someone to cook for me and make my bed!

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